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Shadow Speaking On GP

I saw you standing there but it was the shadow of myself saying can you make them see? 

What baby? What do you want them to see? 

I turned and saw the bones and knew my shadow was me! All of my emotions ran through as I once again said, “Make them see! I want to eat! But my body will not let me! I think my paralyzed guts has put out a contract on me! It causes me such pain for what little I do eat! ”

Then I turned and my sisters’ shadow said, “Please you must tell!” “What sweetie?” I say 

What is it you wish me to say?  ” You must tell them, I am starving! But my body swells out of starvation, it is all so confusing even to me! The bloating that makes me look pregnant! Such ridicule! And judgement like I need a diet! When I am in Truth so in need of the something good and right! 

Tell them, my sister! Make them see! ” As I turned to my right I saw my little GPBrother and his shadow jumped from the left! And said, “please tell them! I have no stomach and still I swell like I have swallowed a whole meal! This whole disease is a mystery wrapped in a riddle hiding from the sunlight! Tell them my sister we are not lazy! We have nothing inside of us to help us to get up and go! And even the energy, we are told that will help us grow more? Takes us into the energy debtor’s jail! Turned over to the collection agency! If you will! We are energy and nutritionally  bankrupt! ” Tell them baby girl! I turned and saw another! 

“Listen, you must show them we look a certain way but our human suits are lying!” Like you and your human suit is 53 but all your body/bones are 83! Then my shadow jumped back and said it is the day! Time to show the world — all they have been missing or cruelly judging! Whether too heavy or too skinny! My shadow shifted then said, “yesterday no longer owns today nor tomorrow! No longer are we going to watch you sit in sorrow! It is time to #Scream4GP #CureGP go #Green4GP every breath is going to be #___curegp or #____ 4GP it is you and me!” 

The time has come! I turned and saw my shadow! And out of the depths of my thoughts I think we are going to find our way! We have a plan, and another plan, and another, and another, they are infinite… #InfiniteCureGP #Infinite4GP #NEGUCureGP #NEGU4GP 

Are you #ReadyCureGP #Ready4GP? To be put in its place? & seen? I am so ready!