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Love Me Like you Don’t See GP

When I no longer see you, I will still see you! 

The love I have goes beyond the shoes sitting by the door, 

You and I have known each other since I first looked into your bright green shiny eyes with flecks of gold! 

I saw you turn your head and look into my eyes and never wanted to say goodbye! 

I have watched you, 

you find your way on your sweet and chubby legs, 

We have seen our sunsets go by and by until only one of us could watch 

I have loved you before God put the confetti into hostess then we came to know it is something we can survive,

Baby you will one day see everything you mean to me, it is not just anybody 

who could keep love sexy with GP
When our beautiful babies look at all of their beautiful babies they will know how priceless is the gift of love 

That goes to bat when it isn’t easy or even pleasant but you keep seeing me and not the GP 

I love the love that looks back at me but never reflects GP 

It is just you and Mel! 

Our three babies all grown married, with babies of their own! 

Now seeing how love is truly done,

when it is all said and done 

it is the actions of your love which keeps making this life feel like GP is over there and I am the Queen of your heart!