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You Don’t Know My Name

You don’t know my name! But you are going to! 5 million of us are looking to hear a word be said! You see us but you do not know us! You hear our names yet you do not know our story! We are living in a land that purports to seek answers for the incurable but to find the answers for the incurable? You must know our name! 

We are your daughters, your wives, your mothers, sisters, granddaughters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins and sometimes, your father, brother, son, grandsons, grandfathers, uncles, nieces, nephews,

We are the me and you? You wish you never ever knew! You still do not know my name! But it is coming! 

We sit in the shadows, for years and years begging for answers to questions! Why am I throwing up everything I try to eat? Or why will this nausea never ever go away? Or why can I not seem to poop on my own? Or I am dealing with diarrhea so bad I have dehydration?  Why am I feeling as if I am being torn into pieces when I try to eat? And this fiber ends up with me in knots on the floor because my stomach doesn’t work like yours nor does my intestines! Are you there yet? The migraines never seem to stop especially with the dehydration! Do you see now? I am a motility disorder! 5 + million of me know me as Gastroparesis! I have wrecked lives, marriages, and even financial stability of the the people I walked into their lives! But you will never meet a stronger more creative, beautiful, warrior community in your lives! It is for this reason? I have not a doubt in my mind! You don’t know my name like you should? But you will very very soon!