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There Was A Day 

There was a day. 

When I could speak and listen with more than one of you and not lose one ounce of anything… any of what you were about to say. Or even lose what any of you said. 

But then, something walked into my life, & said “Miss I Love multi-Tasking, finding a challenge and accepting her/him into my life..  Because there is nothing better than learning, teaching, helping others along the way!”

There was a day, when I had the confidence I could quietly conquer all that I set my sights upon! 

It might not be easy? Nor would  there be a guarantee of complete success. But there was a day when all was said & done I could master the multi-tasking class. Never dreaming my  dearest joy of speedy thought & learning would be attacked by a nasty lil monster! 

There was a day I knew with every fiber of my being – my persistence was going to win the day. Because I am the water on the stone with God’s innate gift of patience & this quiet still knowing. 

There was a day when I was so busy I didn’t have time to reflect upon how the Lord reached out and snatched me from the Devil’s snare while being hit in the driver’s side door. I would hit the flor in the neck brace and jaw all wired up after being told the muscles had been torn from the base of my skull. And my lower jaw fractured when it hit the sreering wheel. My tooth required an out of the mouth root canal but I could go to class. Which I did but came home and started throwing up and ended up hospitalized. There was a day I didn’t see all of God’s Angels surrounding me on that 4hr round trip drive. Which ended   up in the hospital. There was a day..  I was missing this and more! There was a time and a day. I knew God was watching over me closely but I was moving so fast! I wanted to rush to fill in all my check marks because I felt there was a time stamped rush on these matters! I had Grace and Mercy by my side because I thought I was filling myself with what I needed for a noble cause! But it was all soon revealed this was not my path after all. I will be helping, just not in the shoes I wore that other day! 

There was a day I didn’t have time to pause and see … I was rushing to check all these boxes like I was living on borrowed time! There was a day when I didn’t have a clue that this was all true. There was a death coming, there was a day I couldn’t see it was the death of me before & after GP. 

There was a day I didn’t know what @Iamokaynow meant! But here today? I know exactly what those words mean! There is a mighty power in the tongue! There was a day when I knew what all these diagnosis meant but not how powerful the choices were going to be a living legacy. There was a day I would not speak this truth in all its detail! That day is not today. 

I hold the truth, the answers, the legacy, of what will be for our future GP Brothers & Sisters! 

There was a day I valued privacy over education, motivation, and inspiration! That day is not this day! 

I love you my fellow Gp’ers and we will be reporting on the status of #GP from the #GPReports!

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