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Zap, the day my world shifted? I didn’t hear the boom! 

Just the impending doom! 

I sat and cried, not knowing why my life was being stripped from me! Like How? 

All I felt was the POW! The punch in my gut! 

I had been suckered punched! My hubby was listening and asking what was up!? 

I had just been given, answers, help, and a butt load of medicine was spread all over our living room table! 

I looked at him and asked, “Are you unstable!” 

Our world will never again be the same..  look at this nightmare! He quietly sat and tried to lift my spirits but I could see the truth in his eyes. He knew it too. I quietly calmed and gathered myself. Then my journey began. 

No, nothing was going to be the same! I had  become my own version a wonder woman but the GP version! It began late on that evening in November 1999 with a ZAP  protocol of IV meds,,, 

I would come to realize. I could throw-up & travel.. At first. I could speak and disguise the pain with  nausea masked in laughter amongst the inane & trivial I could coral my deficits and turn them into surpluses .. For a very long time. I found my invisible cloak (it is worn when going out & to events .. Used to deflect the ignorance which can fly out of people’s mouths) and GP with biofeedback gave me the Godly gift of my very own version of teleportation through meditation. 

I could even hold myself together for a family event then get into the car with hubby and just dissolve into the seat from exhaustion. Or start throwing up and have to do my meds, get everything hooked up and cover my head. 

Then the POW  would come when I had a colectomy in September 2000. I could stand and not  crawl. POOPING OBVIOUSLY WINNING!  I had gotten to the point of losing entire weekends with constipation and migraines. Bouncing in and out of hospitals trying to deal with it. 

My BOOM is not an acronym but a realization I am the voice I seek, the action I am requesting, I am the one I am asking to volunteer! It is me who does all I am asking of others…if you are coming with me? I am soooooo very excited! Because it means you are ready to stand side by side and do everything you can to be heard! You will receive the greatest Joy and Grace you have ever experienced by empowering yourself with action! We have done the hard work, the day by day, moment by moment, second by second, survival… Let’s go get them with GP #Green4GP  #Curegp #GPStrong 

What is your #GPStrongSuperHeroName? 

Gastroparesis Fighting for a Change