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You Are Always Here ~ As Am I

These are two things I know! When YOU are close? Everything  will be okay! 

Are you thinking this life is too hard, too painful, too undignified, or not a life at all? Is this what you say? 

In the darkness, when you think, no one is listening? My dear!

Do you wonder if you have value, or are just taking up space by living this “non-living” are these the thoughts causing you fear? 

I am the AM. I said I AM,  please do not fear, nor you, my little ones doubt my love! 

For just as I as your Father loves you unconditionally? So too does Mommy & Daddy love y’all babies! It is an unending kind, never selfish,  nor rude, it never ignores, nor leaves you lonely! 

When you begin to feel yourself falter know my name is just a call away. And even if I cannot do a lot of things? One thing I can do? Is give you my undivided unending attention with a love that knows no end! 

***Mother to Child ***Child to Mother***Father to Child***Child to Father ***

*********Father *********Son*********Holy Spirit *********

A memory share moment, I was 14 had been driving with my Dad in the car for awhile now. We were going somewhere and discussing  how someone needed prayers. My brothers were in the backseat. My Dad was leaning against the passenger seat reclining. My brother’s asked “why should we pray? God is not going to have time for kids prayers!” I jumped in and said, “No that is not true, y’all” 

“I then apologized for interrupting,” Dad said,  “No, Go ahead and explain”  So  I did. I told my brothers that Jesus hears our prayers : first because He tells us to come to Him as children. Second I reminded them of the picture on their small bibles and how we would have the first visit, meal, and first prayers! Our prayers are very impotant! My Dad just smiled, then said , “Well done! That is exactly right!”

We were on a large interstate and our front tire blew just after this conversation! And all was well, little scary but all was well! 💜  And He again said, “Well Done” 

My Dad taught Boy Scouts, did Optimist Clubs, raised & trained AKC Cocker Spaniels ( dog shows are fun y’all) judged at Rose shows, taught and prepared a Messiah Sunday Shool lesson a lot of years! His approval meant so much on soo many levels ! I loved my Dad/Pop  so much he passed in Nov 1977.

2nd Memory Share my first entry into a rose show was a miniature rose. My Dad hybridized roses as well as entered roses into the American Rose Society along with my Mother. Who would both go on to become judges. I still to this day; upon smelling a clear scent of a rose will take me back to my childhood. I am roaming the hallways filled with jumpsuited people with pruning shears in their pockets. I cannot even convey the level of rose scent in the air and the feel of comrades in arms sipping their coffee readying for competition.the sharing of ideas and techniques to get this result or to keep away this type of blight or disease with pests! You can see with my picture I was pooped out about to 💤💤💤💤 But even as a child I loved this! As well as the Dog Sows!