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“SHHH”… I say, “I am okay now!” But it might be a little more motivational with the hope you stay conversational. 

If you knew, the truth behind the words & the carefully managed selfies? It might shut down all of your thoughts or even make you unable to sit and eat one single bite! Because truth be told? I have a liltle companion that never seems to want to go to sleep! If we were to ever become a less focused on food culture? The this little companion that dogs my every step? I could keep it in a box and not ever speak of it again! It is pointless to tell all about this hateful disease when I would prefer to lock it in a dungeon but then we would never get rid of it?!  Would we? So here is the “SHHH” Gastroparesis a motility disorder causing food to stall in the digestive tract, the stomach, to be exact. Then it begins to deliver its blows nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, weakness, fatigue, and multiple hospitalizations/procedures.  Then it’s buddies, Gastroparesis, Chronic Intestinal Psuedo-Obstruction Syndrome, Colonic Inertia, all progressively paralyzing the colon. So my “I am okay now” is really “I am in a whole lot of pain — if I try to fool myself or you into thinking I can eat like you!” See this “Shhh” is part; I want to be like you for a moment in time, but it is also I am so sick of explaining that which has no cure nor does it have the recognition it should! So, what is the question you are afraid to ask? Will I be okay? Do people die from this disease? Yes & yes! Why yes & yes? Because we have lost our sisters and brothers due to complications of Gastroparesis and yes it will be okay because we have the optimistic hope in the ability of humanity with faith to make a change! The Mighty