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What Time Is It?

We are searching for the way! Do you know I was looking for that day? 

I was calling out for it to come without delay! Let it be! Let it be, a day without hate, greed, envy, & division would end these acts. 

Right along with you? In 2006? Like you, asking, when can the only colors we celebrate? be the ones we see like our lovely fall! When will the outside colors fall from our hearts and minds! No hate & ugliness resides, nor does the stereotype justify make its comfort come here hee-hawing around. 

They are  like barnacles or a nasty fungus, or bacteria~~ Like a bunch of STAPH OR MRSA!

So many of us praying, for this to be a done deal! Waiting for hate to be in the rearvIew mirror! No more would we be seeing… This inhumanity , some of these acts, under the veil of law! Love treats all as they would wish to be treated! Even when you are behaving erratically or in a way uncharacteristic to your normal self? The cost of this mere act of being human does not take your life or a life sentence! We are  forgetting our humanity & our empathy! If someone is in distress and can be spoken to? Then sit and speak! We have time for videos, TV, social media, or gossip, but not for just speaking… 

So many live and prosper rather than feel! We are a part of each lost person. We must remember we in contact with the most precious person in the world at all times! They may have been encountered on a bad day or having a hard time in their life? But no one is perfect! We are each other’s keepers. 

It is within this mindset? I now meet the most beautiful people I never even knew existed! Asking, NO BEGGING! For signatures on two documents along with help on HR2311! I was a person feeling the need to “help where I can” & do my writings in 2006! Now, I am an advocate for Gastroparesis:Fighting for a Change! All writings now seem to be woven with this mission! But as I reflect on this? I know the roads have diverged! We are the ultimate example of this fact! We need all of you to help stand with us~~~as we stand with you! The most precious person on the planet! 

Gastroparesis Awareness Proclamation
Gastroparesis Petition to Designate it as a Disability
HR2311 link to request Co-Sponsors
Gastroparesis:Fighting For A Change