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It’s So Real

While we have become a culture which greatly enjoys reality show formats. We as well like viral videos. We have a short attention span because we  live very busy lives! But there is something happening which is larger than any reality show! It is beyond being viral! It is deserving of your very precious time! There is a group/community/family –> your fellow human beings… Who are slowly starving to death while trying to live with incurable diseases. They are, out of desperation, having their stomachs removed! Some have had a large portion of their stomachs removed, due to the stomach rotting. We fight through feeding tubes, infections, ports which manage our symptoms, keep us hydrated! We live daily with looks at our “bodies & medical equipment keeping us here!” We live in a body which lies! It looks overweight yet we are starving! We are so thin yet it is assumed we are starving ourselves, we are not! #ButYouDontLookSick is often said because you cannot see our paralysis, our pain upon eating. 

Some of the tags used with our #MotilityDisorder Community (This is NOT a complete list!)

#Gastroparesis #ChronicIntestinalPseudoObstructionSyndrome #ColonicInertia #MitochondrialMalabsorption #ChronicMigraines #CVS #EDS #POTS #Dysautonomia #IBS #FGIMD #ChronicPain #ChronicLife #Spoonie #InvisibleIllness #RareDisease 

Yes, we try desperately to be “normal” but we are not! My sisters and brothers brainstorm to find a way to be seen & heard! One sister stays in the hospital more than home! Another is better than “Duck Dynasty” while praising God & living life with her beautiful family! Another brave sister has 3 family members fighting this disease! Then another sister initiated the Gastroparesis:Fighting For A Change! I have another sister who is an amazing writer/videographer! Then we have our advocates/prayer warriors/ who everyday make an effort to keep the #GastroparesisAwareness movement going forward! This is why I say  as in the coming months as you hear about a movie starring Jennifer Garner? I would ask you to take a moment & look at International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders who has a donation page! IFFGD -Donation Link has a proven record of using money for research. 

Tags used to create awareness! (Again, this is not all, just all I can recall of the top if my head!) 

#CureGP #Green4GP #GastroparesisAwareness #EllenDanceWithRaven  #HR2311 #1Action4GP #Unite4GP #1Voice1Cure #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin #Scream4GP #5MillionGPStrong

You have the ability to help make those without a voice, be heard, those who are unseen, be seen, those without a way, find a way! It is not a scripted “reality show!” It is not the Real Housewives! It is not Keeping Up With The Kardashians! It is not Survivor! But you could help #5MillionGPStrong become a realty worth following, liking, hearting, ReTweeting, and going so viral! We would FINALLY, start to see the VITAL research, treatments, & ultimately #CureGP… We each pray for daily!