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No Coincidences  Just Divinity!!

As I try to relax, ignore and  my body tries to speak to me? I level up to a place in my brain where pain does not have a passcode nor an entry way into my psyche nor a way to enter into my physical, emotional, or spiritual space! I pull myself together for my morning meditation and stretch slightly… Not wanting to trigger muscle spasms in my back or stomach muscles! 

I took a trip down memory lane because I finally found my misplaced cross necklace. I realized I wear necklaces more with purpose & to boost my  “mo-jo” than a fashion statement! The top green beaded handmade necklace was a from a young boy whom, when, I met him, had finished treatments for  leukemia  —he was in remission. 
Because  I thought I had lost my cross .. Not the $$$ issue but because my Mom had given it to me! The items I wear tell stories.  I had not even begun to appreciate the depth of these stories until here lately! I end up with the necklace from my friend battling a serious disease right before my Dad passed away. I would be driving past St Jude’s months after he gave me that necklace. I was born in Memphis, but East Tennessee was my home! Then I would end up with a dx with an incurable disease. Which has as its Awareness colors yellow & the color green. As my story continues you will see a Star of David because my dear Sister wears one and she sent me one to have also. Then my cross. Then you will see a single solitary diamond from my sweet second son! He gives it to me on my Birthday and tells me it is real Mom! I have precious children!  Oh and at the very top is a manatee, my 1st born son brings him back to me from Biloxi MS .. One day I will see these sweet. Gentle wise  elephant like knowledge carriers of the sea. Now… We go on down to the blue twisted necklace with a wooden spool. It is really a center out of a dental floss but again my eldest son when he was in about the 4th grade hand crocheted this necklace (he did not like the crotchet needles). He drew the heart and it so dear to me. The other necklace is a set of prayer beads which set off a period of crafting with prayer beads and journal making, I pray to get back to everyday! Last but not least is the Celtic cross with a pen. The Celtic cross only has a monetary value of about $5 but it means so much more to me! It is the world coming together without hate, prejudice, discrimination, judgement, or  a general lack of unity which should be an ever present effervescent light around all of humanity! We are not just “here” but here by a “Beautiful Design!”

Blessings Be unto all of you!