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Why I Am Thankful for a GP Team Isaiah 40:31

A Share of Gratitude on Thanksgiving Week. I am grateful we have a team who lives and breathes #curegp! 

We are constantly choosing the we and not the I –staying out of Manure (manucsho) knowing with 

1L💚VE on 1Team we can #CureGP 

Across the many miles we celebrate the #5MillionGPStrong 

This week while remembering those empty chairs💚🕯

To speak from a place of peace that surpasses all understanding! Nothing can disturb you because it has nothing to do with your “truth!’ Speak well to all whom you meet with Grace, Peace, understanding with prosperity upon them, and your belief in them! Through  “a do unto others as you would have done unto you!” 

We honor the caregivers who know love is more than a turkey leg or anything else that might take us to the ER. 

I am truly thankful to God for my family blood and not! 

I am Thankful for my GP Family that truly ” gets” how we get this GP Machine rolls! We will Survive ~ Gloria Gaynor 70’s 

Unity is like the snowball rolling down the mountain! It just keeps getting bigger and bigger! More momentum as it goes!

We will keep doing our best,with our impeccable word., never assuming anything, while being impeccable with our word an never taking anything personally! 

We are in pursuit of a high goal!.. www.curegp,com

We will use our Beatitudes and pray for our community.

Our treasure will be worth our toils and troubles. 

To achieve our dream of Gastroparesis Awareness to ultimately cure Gastroparesis #CureGP

We will cheerfully be grateful for all success in the GP Community!


Ms Melissa’s plea for action! #1Action4GP

#1Action4GP. —> YouTube video  we shall mount up with wings of Eagles!