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GP Reality Check

A Poem For GPI really wish you would just let me be

Cause about the time I begin to rest you start jabbing me in my chest! 

Then that little monster that lives inside of my intestines begins to claw and act like it has something to do down there when it actually just needs to leave me be and wander back down to Queen destiny the place it never really used to be but seems to think it Lives inside of me! 

Yep I tried to eat a little bit today but of course GP it made me pay! Now this is not your normal charge for eating something you should not have eaten today.

No no no no no no come this is the kind of pie and charge and its going to own you for the rest of my life kind of situation. Because you’re going to suffer and did I add to the four at least five days because you had the audacity to eat a few bites of something similar to normal looking food. When your stomach gets through making you pay? Will it then hand you off to your small intestines then or will it play around in there for God knows how long thinking you had a bunch of Porky Pine Needles and razor blades and just hurt and hurt and hurt until the time comes that we will then hand you off to your large intestines. Now when we get to the large intestine and start producing bile there’s no telling how long you’re going to pay for putting that kind of stuff inside of your body because we’re just gonna hang out here forever and if you have your complete large intestine like all 3 feet of it? holy cow! Are you in trouble if you say you have 5 to 7 inches of your large intestine? Then some of your small intestine will get backed up and used as your large intestine to help make you pay a little bit more for this obvious obviously dreadful thing you have done! You went and tried to eat like a normal person! Don’t q you know you can’t be doing the stuff. You cannot go around acting like you are a normal person and you can eat normal food! 

You are a vita mix or smoothie girl or soup girl or clear broth situation or you get to do the protein shakes that are already premade but you do not by any means get to act like you get to eat real normal food.nah nah nah not gonna happen! 

Unless you have entered an alternative universe that no one spoke to me about!