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How do you know?

I saw her sitting  by her husband, I was sitting/leaning against my hubby.

We were all in the basement! Looking like Shel Silverstein’s too many kids in this tub! But nothing was funny!

As I strived to not glance around too much, I was quickly determining who were the GP’ers & who were not!

Now if you do not know GP = Gastroparesis! Which in turn = chronic nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, pain, early satiety, bloating. Acid reflux, malnutrition, dehydration, procedures, hospitalizations, etc 

We have just begun to scatch the surface all the tortuous symptoms with GP & because it is a disease of motility? 

I do not know of anyone with the stand alone diagnosis of GP 

So as I look at this basement  (so cold like a morgue) across from me sits a couple.

The prettiest little lady asked if I had GP? I couldn’t believe she was speaking to me! 

Then across the room our names are called. We are told to both come on back. 

On the walk back, in a short blink of minutes, a support group of two, formed by divinity had been formed. 

When you are being betrayed by your body, it will not do its most vital function, and you feel as if you are all alone? 

Then it all changes, not only is there a Dr who is understanding, compassionate, completely dedicated to helping you as is humanly possible, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when speaking to this new friend/sister! 

They are not trying to put on your shoes, they are wearing your shoes! They won’t be doubting or questioning your truth or out in out calling you a liar! Your new Dr won’t be sending you to a psychiatrist because they don’t understand motility disorders – specifically gastroparesis! 

I have seen and heard many things since my diagnosis in 1999. Some have happened to me and some have not but @iamokaynow is all dedicated to using my words of optimism to heal myself & others! 

Yes I am homebound, yes I am limited by my cumulative diagnosis and the toll they have taken upon my body. But my spirit and soul flies as I take myself and you through these moments in time! 

This piece of divinity, I am sharing with you? I took a big bag of items with me this particular day to keep myself occupied! My daughter was at a new point in her life and I had copied pictures and readied them to go into a personalized journal which chronicled my life as child along with her life up to where she was to that moment. Past, present, future, you must remember where, who, & from which you came while achieving your goals! Well God turned all my lil activities for the day and used them as “GodWinks” confirmations that only the blind could ignore! As we quietly shared little pieces of our lives and one thing after another came up. Well of course I had pictures in my bag. So it was such a day like no other. June 1, 2006 my friend/sister came into my life and we began a support group of two. God took what were walls to keep me in my lil safe bubble and used them as witnesses of “Child do you hear me?” 

There were others there that day and I have a vague recollection of someone being on a bed who was a GP’er that was starving but swelling and holding weight. It has always made me sad/angered at the judgements which are thrown our way! I believe it must be more hateful to be questioned in this way though to be starving and your appearance is one more lie! I am a thinny but if I try to make myself look nice then I might be called out as having an eating disorder. Or not really sick the judgements are amazingly endless. Which is why I use the meditation in the mornings to begin my day with the clarity of prayer and I use the 4 agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. The year I had the breakthrough with “Don’t take it personally it’s not about you!” Was one of the most freeing experiences ever! “What others say and do are not because of you but a part of their own reality!” Well of course it is! But this is a hard concept! So, if someone tells me I am not sick but I have documentation proving I am,  do I step into their reality or leave it alone without taking it personally? This is obviously their reality!  I would  prefer to otherwise occupy my time on topics which enlighten and brighten my world! 

When you have a crisis and meet your opportunity? Then Divinity begins to become louder and louder! You might even  begin to feel as if you have not lost but gained. We now have more sister/friends but each friendship/sisterhood is kinda like DNA no one is like the other. 

Do you. Have a testimony of things or events which have obviously been orchestrated by a force, higher power than yourself? I call Him God, Father Jesus , Holy Spirit but we may be speaking the same language with different words! It has always been a curious thing to me to argue about a loving God who would seem to me to prefer peace along with all of the other fruits. I have said before and I will again, I do not anticipate denominations in Heaven nor divisions. It will not matter what you called Him, I AM. What acts did you preform on your temporary journey? 

So please share some moments divinity was at work!