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Old School

Sometimes I forget. The best way. 

To turn your day? Is to go back. 

Make the thing you see become the truth you hold inside be the thing shining so brightly from a long ago trek. 

When writing was all it took to flip your script! Joy was always the outcome from the input!

Nothing but a group words could interrupt 

What was stirring inside my heart

Something as simple as a search for an alternative 

brought back my old school. 

Tea soaked pages, filled with pages of writings from days of gone by and come again on this mountain. 

He told me no lies, yet no expectations either. No one can tell you what only One knows. 

Believe & create only the truth. 

Is just the simplest of concepts unless the ID has taken over

Then all bets are off

Someone will become the prophet or the devil takes the wheel 

Unity or division 

Completely old school. 

Have or not to have 

Oldest story of all time waiting on the ending. 

Prayers go up blessings come down. 

GP are running for cover yet? Ya should be!


Intimacy of time knows no boundaries, these tears are just watering their choices. 

We will never back down to the pressure of division when unity means success.