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#HR2311 #Gastroparesis #StandTogether4Gastroparesis 

When I saw you I knew you were trouble, but it took a few years to make a formal introduction. 

Then when the introduction was made?  I had come to accept you were here and I wasn’t going to be able to just rant and rave to kick you out. I have to #StandTogether4GP #Unite4GP get #Green4GP & #Motivate4GP #ToBeTheChange4GP & get #HR2311 through committee, on the floor & signed into existence!!

It was startling to learn you had two unknown friends in your trunk! It would be years before I realized, you had the core, the root of the problem deeply hidden from me but it was finally revealed. If you believe in God as I do, then you know he is kinda mean and hateful like that. God gifted me with stubbornness (you can be nice and call it persistence or ambition, but it is stubbornness w/tenacity!) None of us living with you can afford to be anything less that tenacious & stand to be heard! We must link our arms together and for those able to attend Rare Disease Week? Rare Disease Week in Washington D.C. 2016💚. I know many of us will not be able to attend but for those who can? Speak for us please be our #1Voice1Cure in unity, a few can speak for many if the #5MillionGPStrong focus on #CureGP #1Voice1Cure #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin #StandTogether4GP

Trisha High Bundy’s Awareness Video
Ms Melissa Adams VanHoughton Video Call to Action #1Action4GP
Sign to help pass our Bill HR2311

 Stacy & Raven Walton vide with THV 11 for Gastroparesis Awareness 

Becky Halstead with WTKR Gastroparesis Awareness
Shelley M’s #LinkAcrossTheWorldForGastroparesis