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Unicorn or Sheeple? 

Do you celebrate a unicorn? Do you tell your child or yourself be you! Do not be a diluted version of someone else! Or do you subscribe to the thought that there are just rhinoceros and mules with nothing in between? Leaving no room for the unicorn? This cannot be true! Because, while we choose order and rules, we must honor the gift given to each of us! We are each unique! We are not alike, our DNA is one of a kind, and our fingerprints are ours alone. We are not meant to be sheep just following a bell. 

When we gather and find like-minded individuals, which gives you the echoe chambers of your own mind, why did you need to step out of your house, log-on to any social media website, or pick-up your phone? You can meditate upon your own thoughts in perfect harmony with yourself. 

As I asked at the the beginning, do you celebrate the unicorn? The idea that we are better and healthier celebrating the differences amongst our varying communities. Then while celebrating these differences we unite each other by acknowledging we need these differences to celebrate and appreciate our beauty and the beauty of others.