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If I Were You & You Were Me GP

If I were you? Then there would be things I could not do? 

But I could eat if I were you. If you were me and had GP? Then you would suddenly have to question every morsel of food that passed through your lips. If you were me with GP. 

Gastroparesis the motility of your stomach is in varying states of dysfunction. If you were me you would pray you had never heard of GP but once you knew it is the reality? You would #StandToBeHeard because it is the only way change can occur! 

We are in a battle to save #5MillionGPStrong with you standing with me and seeing GP? #HR2311 I could say, if I were you then this is what I would do for you! There are a lot of little things that can be disagreed upon but we can all agree upon #CureGP it is the goal of all! If I were you and if you were me with GP? Then I believe we could all agree! 

It would suddenly seem so simple to all be #Green4GP asking all leaders to be accountable when saying there was nothing left to offer without a great deal of effort being extended into National Institute of Health towards research into stopping the suffering and deaths linked to this disease! It creates havoc upon lives. If you were me? You would see GP. But if you look at me you do not see GP! Sometimes you can catch the bad days, but usually I have the #ButYouDontLookSick phrase attached! If I were you I would be able complete thoughts and activities without feeling as if I had completed a marathon from just my shower (nor would it take hours). If I were you & you were me & GP exposed then #5MiliionGPStrong would finally be free💚💛Gastroparesis Fighting For Change

International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders