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Are We Out Of 1969? 

I am wondering, if the history of the physiology of your disease once had professionals calling you

Crazy, hysterical, with an upset stomach because there were no answers & it predominantly occurred in women.

And we can all understand, actually we cannot, anymore than we can understand women being thrown in bodies of water to decide if they are witches, but I am side-tracking! We can see how in a time period, in which, we are still not completely rid of, if answers were not readily available, the disease did not appear to be affecting men. Thereby it went into the  current Diagnosis & Treatment manual of 1969 I have a copy from the time period my Dad was in school finishing his Degree. The term “Gastroparesis ”  did not exist instead there were psychological connections made to explain what was not understood. There are at times still that stigma. Even with firm physical data staring you in the face, thanks to some very dedicated compassionate, empathetic doctors, we have come a very long way! Men do have this  disease, it does occur with diabetes, & there are other autoimmune diseases linked to the motility disorder Gastroparesis. You can be overweight and under weight while starving & dehydrated. The body goes into starvation mode and begins bloat. It is a disease that is truly deceiving you can look ok in the outside while your intestines are a paraplegic in varying degrees on the inside. If your stomach, large intestine, parts of small intestine, have slowed or progressively stopped and begun to effect other organs? What happens to your bones? How old are your bones? This is why it is incredibly frustrating to deal with medical minds who choose to look at physical symptoms through psychological lens. Would you ask a man if they had ever been raped or molested when they are at a new doctor’s appointment for gastrointestinal issues? Of course you wouldn’t! It is “left over thinking” from this “diagnosis & treatment 1969!” We need Gastroenterologists knowledgable enough to send us to Motility Specialists. If you are a motility specialist conducting tests and find there are parts of it not working!? In a man or woman? Then it is time to find the source of the problem, not become a problem. I am thankful that we are close to seeing the possibility of no more looking into the psychiatrist couch for answers.