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#Gastroparesis #Waves #Anchor

Why #AnchorFM #AnchorWaves makes a lot of sense for those of us battling #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder. 

This app is not just a great concept to step into the podcast format and spread #GastroparesisAwareness but its name innately works metaphorically literally & figuratively. While struggling to battle & survive gastroparesis the nausea, pain, and spasms come at you in “waves” for me, I found the way to survive was to ride with the wave. Like you would in the ocean on an actual wave. If you fought a wave tried to go against the waves? You would be defeated, drained of energy, filled with sea water left with an overwhelming feeling of drowning, if you become the wave? Then you ride out the moments and become anchored in the knowledge that you are your own metaphorical peace boat with the ability to summon the place in your spirit, PEACE BE STILL. It does not matter if you believe in a higher power or not to use this as your faith or guided meditation with biofeedback – alone!? Or you put them together with your faith. It is absolutely applicable. As is the correlation to the anchor app. The excitement I feel about this moment is barely contained. Because I do not believe in coincidences, so as I do my prayers and meditation from my figurative peace boat? Seeing this #Anchor with its #Waves is so beautiful! 

Art work by Sammy