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#CureGP #Gastroparesis 

When you are on your knees, crying, struggling to breathe, praying for relief, desperately clinging to the steps which have worked for you in the past? You begin your self-talk speaking… Calm, slow your roll, keep it trill, ten seconds in , ten seconds out, you are the wave of nausea, you are the wave of pain, it is not punching you, it is not catching you, it is not creating a fast quickened breath at the edge of hyperventilating! No! You are the heartbeat, you are the blood pressure, you are seeing the light in your mind! Where ever you have felt happiest, at peace, (and if you know God? He has you now, you feel the warm calm Peace Be Still! There are no images nor names in this  process it is pure unity of peace and calm ~~ you have found the anchor, the rock, the place to focus,) Now begin, slow your heartbeat, feel your blood in your veins while bringing your blood pressure back under control. We will keep the breathing slow & steady, you are now in the wave controling the ebb and flow. My name does not matter nor will it in the future all that will in truth and goal is the moment #CureGP. It is the unity, The providence provided by Grace  & action through good works thereby ending this torturous needless suffering of our community! #GPSisters & #GPBrothers our cries have produced great fruits in this past year! #EllenDanceWithRaven even if it did not happen (still hold hope!:-)) touched & created sooooooo much Awareness! Which again is the truth & goal taking us to better treatments, research, & ultimately #CureGP #FailuresRejectionsRreallymotivation2BeStronger4ABetterDay —> Twitter 😉#CrisisInOppotunity

One of myFavorite quotes is from Abraham Lincoln: and paraphrasing it! “Folks are about as happy as they make. Up their mind to be” Or ” A man is about as happy as he makes up his mind to be”  I am deeply fond of stories which make you think or provoke you to rethink about hate which has planted inside of you. We are not born hating. We are born loving then our minds become polluted. 

Another favorite quote is “Bloom where you are planted”have you bloomed!? Do you need to be transplanted carefully? And nurtured carefully? It is an internal process like learning to ride the wave to win the battle! 

Do you need someone to talk to who knows this battle? Or do you want to join the fight? Gastroparesis Fighting For A Change