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#HR2311 Me Myself & I #CureGP 

I am in a competition with myself. It is harsh! I have relentlessly counseled, brought to bear, corrected this me I know her! She seems lazy sometimes! But I try to remember, she has given until she almost passed out! I will not let her off the hook, but I will give her a hand & break because she has no cure nor way to take in proper nutrition. But we still must challenge each other to not rest on our laurels. We must stretch and pull until there is nothing left to wring out of ourselves. This competition we have me, myself, and I is a hard fought battle. We are in a battle against a monster residing inside of us called Gastroparesis it has a few friends this motility disorder monster. It has colonic inertia, chronic intestinal Psuedo obstruction, all dancing under a puppet master of mitochondrial malabsorption. 

I compete with myself to win a brighter day and no longer hide behind a forced smile but in truth the optimistic idealism bathed in prayer, standing upon a rock of Faith believes in its inception so much the Peace is not a facade but a deeply rooted blessing. Peace & Patience my long and faithful companions gifts from God if you are not like-minded it is an easy transition to be encouraged by the gifts of your innate personality traits! Please run with them and begin your training for a beautiful marathon where the competition is self-motivated, self-empowered, and it can logically follow its natural rhythm forward if not guided by a higher power! But if driven by a higher power greater than self? Whatever that may be? It is a rarefied air in the upper room! Just as the runner’s high? It is truly a gift the competition to give more and serve more, it creates room to learn more at the same time! A life led to create awareness about an incurable disease, further more treatments, research, and ultimately a cure, while also letting all who battle to survive these illnesses they are not alone? Is  a gift, not a burden, it is an honor, to help create an atmosphere of unity and inclusion and it is a blessing to be a cog in the #GastroparesisAwarenessWheel! This is the reason I fiercely compete with me, myself, and I for #CureGP with #OptimisticPositivity I hope & pray all in the #5MillionGPStrong will join me to impress upon congress the importance of #HR2311 in the pathway of #CureGP & the proclamation & the petition. 

#HR2311 #CureGP 

H.R. 2311 is like the lead domino in a scenario of dominos. Plus inside of the Bill is all the things we have been asking for! 

H.R.2311 – Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015
Gastroparesis Fighting For A Change
International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders – IFFGD
Proclamation to Declare August Gastroparesis Awareness Month
National Health Observances Calendar- We would qualify to be on this calendar with the president’s signature! This is what the proclamation is asking for & why! We can say all day long August is our month, but if it is not nationally recognized we are blowing in the wind.
Petition to Congress to establish Gastroparesis a disability