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I found You & Me #HR2311 #CureGP

I found you bleeding, in pain, dehydrated, malnourished, paralyzed with fear! 

I did not ask if I could help you my dear? 

I did not say, come let me hold you, while I help you gain your health, come here into the warmth of empathy & compassion! 

I found you and I asked you to sign and pay. You could not speak. Disease, dehydration had robbed you of your voice! 

With a shaking hand you try to gesture towards a paper, every movement now, robbing stealing from you, a choice. 

But you try, as the trembling racks your body, to write “help me, I am about to,,,”then it is too late. You are robbed of your dignity. This so called advocate says, they will help, but just keeps speaking about their organization and not your pain, illness, the place in which you find yourself barely able to lift your gp head. Then a light appears and you feel warmth & love and wonder. Has Heaven come to relieve you from this suffering, torturous hell it has become? But it is not, it is a motility specialist who sees you! Not just the disease! He chases the lil advocate rep out!  Then the healing – survival begins, and once you are stable?  You now become the advocate that sees the people not the disease. The advocate that knows it is not the group name, but the people in it which truly matter and the goal we all seek is to cure the disease reeking havoc upon our lives! #CureGP is that truth #CureGP is that Goal! Everyday there is the possibility it could to one of us or you! #HR2311 is the Bill, is the inoculation against the chances of being stuck in #GP Hell – I am not being dramatic, exaggerating one little bit! You torture terrorist with less than what patients suffering #GP go through. H.R.2311 Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015