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#GPWarrior_Princess Then & Now

Are you a #GPWarrior? A mixture of #GPPrincess & fighter? Why princess? When you have learned to fight? A large part of that fight is with Faith with me. You might have a higher power or use another term for a battle with chronic illness! I want you to think for a moment if you are not battling a chronic illness, if you are? Then please just know you are in my prayers, whether I know you or not I say a prayer for you all! This battle I speak of is not just one of our disease, but with, at times, a system too flawed for words. Your Doctor’s hands become tied because of a phantom committee somewhere guiding an insurance company who has no clue about you. 

So back to my question are you a #GPwarrior_Princess? Have you found your strengths? Your inner peace? A way to be of service even while being homebound? A way to be a help to others.

Today we are  going to have an opportunity to see, for the first time, on a national platform #MotilityDisorders in a movie with Class A actors & PR! We have a Bill HR2311 in committee as we sit together in this moment, which will address our needs in the Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Community! H.R.2311 – Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015 114th Congress (2015-2016) this link will take a few moments of your time and will send a request to your congressional representative to Co-Sponsor our Bill! Then if you could take a few more moments to call their office as suggested by the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders link to Ask your Congressman to support H.R.2311

There are many of us who have been fighting our Warrior fight for awhile or maybe just coming into their #GPWarrior_Princess Crowns but it is a battle not a competition–> make no mistake about this! We are fighting together! As my dear #WarriorGlitterQueen says #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin As My Dear Sister/Friend says, #NoChiefsAllIndians See we are in a journey/Fight & we need all the support of our true sisters & brothers! I would love to see some of your #GPWarrior_Prncess Journey pics/videos—> I am here– I am still fighting and I know I am a warrior! Here is what I am speaking of! Look at young Raven Walton at 15 on CNN Raven KARK/CNN 15yrs old #GPWarrior_Princess –> Raven Walton THV11 this year #GPWarrior_Princess l have used my pics as my featured cover picture. The earlier photo is from 2006 with my bestie/ Sister/friend Janice we have been in this #GPWarrior_Princess journey support team since June of 2006. She is the really pretty blonde in the picture! We were at the Cabot Lodge. If you were a patient of Dr Thomas Abell while he was in Jackson Ms then you are familiar with this location. We have (Janice and I) have known that God arranged the meeting & orchestrated our support group! Much in the same way that Stacey & Raven & co. Are now family! We “logically” should have met years ago but I believe in a greater design! We are in perfect timing. I pray if you are a chronic illness warrior you find an inner source of strength & nurture it! This strength will truly make a difference in how you are able to deal with the #ChronicPackage! Please find a good support group online if you are homebound as well! It can bring sunshine, laughter, inspiration, motivation & true friendships. But like everything else in life take steps to do the common sense things you would do if you were walking into a room of strangers. Watch & observe a bit- yet be engaged -you get as much as you give in a community environment.