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My GP Miracle Moment 

Sometimes life gives you more than it takes. When my diagnosis stole my life – as I knew it? I thought it was devastating! I went through a grieving process for the “me” I was, not knowing the road ahead. I quickly found my blessings, optimism, faith, it is who I am at my core. I know my life has taught me ~~life is made up of more than what we can touch & feel. Its most priceless of gifts, treasures, & yes miracles are intangible. Yes, my family is very tangible! But the attributes which bind us, build us, define us? They are very intangible! Birthday wishes are easy these days, weeks, years, Heath, happiness all avenues to attain these Lord I ask Amen Sēläh #HR2311 

Sometimes life gives you more than it takes, when my diagnosis took so very much? As it turned out I am more than a list of symptoms & struggles to overcome them! It can be difficult to remember this when you can barely lift your head without nausea! But when we ban with other #GPReporters #GPSistersBrothersHR2311CureGP  our #Green4GPWorld becomes #GPStrongerBrighterBetterTogether We are #GPWarriors & #GPPrincessses💛💚⚔👑

I could have never known my long and winding journey of malnutrition/dehydration fighting against this disease would lead to an opportunity to have sisters & brothers! Not just any Sisters & Brothers but those who knew the lows & depths of motility disease, knew how we would need each other for this long Awareness walk to get HR 2311! To get the word out to our fellow #5MillionGPStrong! Along with every other petition, & proclamation National & State! The kind of Brothers & Sisters who knew this hateful malnutrition/dehydration & could help each other in the “foggy” days when nothing seemed to post right but together our 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16 th’s made a whole! We could make mistakes, or get things confused without condemnation because they wore my shoes! They were giving Grace to themselves as well to others! They KNEW how important unconditional love, support, & Fight + Awareness matters! They knew Faith heals! Miracles do happen! Maybe not the way we asked nor expected? But unanswered or new doors, or closed doors are sometimes the Greatest Gifts of all! They become our miracles! 

Exhaustion was their middle name too! Yes, the crisis became the opportunity of meeting my #GPFamily who would Unite with #1Voice1Cure & knew- know the importance of #Green4GP #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin #StandTogether4GP #CureGP We are #5MillionGPStrong I have (got) all my #GPFamily with me! (I really really hope some one besides me is hearing the melody, song of “We Are Family” – Sister Sledge!) I am stretching the song but it kind of works! 

#Unconditionally4GP because we can #CureGP #HR2311 is our #MiracleMoment 

H.R.2311 – Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015 114th Congress (2015-2016) This link quickly allows you to send a request to your congressional representative asking them to co-sponsor #HR2311 — It literally takes a few moments! Then please when you have a moment call their office with a phone request as well! The explains the steps for action in written detail here… #HR2311 advocacy explanation by IFFGD
If you want to become further involved with advocacy, need support, or something else in regard to Gastroparesis/Motility Disorders? We are not Doctors, nurses, or lawyers! We are patient advocates passionately dedicated to support, Awareness, & #CureGP We will #NeverGiveUp #AlwaysBeDedicated2CureGP #1Voice1Cure & while we may have to rest a have break time? We will continue with every breath try to educate, inspire, motivate, advocate with optimistic empathy! We know we are lil cogs in a big wheel and I use a visual of an old mill wheel with cold clear living water moving the water for the gristmill to grind it into a fine powder consistency, no I am not losing it if you remember I told you I use Faith and those things seen & not seen. We are being refined at all times, moments of clarity, all cogs with the living water pushing us into a better place. A Shalom which passeth all understanding. 

When we lay down the illusion of control & this applies whether you Believe or not, but please let yourself be encouraged. When you lay down the illusion of control? Then everything within you & outside of you will shift change. Then if you take just one of the tools from THE FOUR AGREEMENTS   — try this one DONT TAKE ANYTHING PERSONALLY ~~ here is the note which goes with this one agreement. “Nothing others do is because of you. What others say & do is a projection of their own reality.” This is hard but so freeing. I will give an example from the #ChronicIllness #MotilityDisorder #InvisibleIllness  #Gastroparesis point of view. There is a hashtag for the phrase. #ButYouDontLookSick 

If you remember to not take this personally, not fob yourself of one moment of joy, peace, happiness, by giving life to this statement because of course we can “see” all illnesses! When someone has a massive heart attack, it is usually because someone didn’t  “see” or when someone finds a stage 4 cancer it is because they could not “see” — this is why we do not need to rob ourselves of any sliver of peace by TAKING IGNORANCE PERSONALLY!   Yet it is something we have done for so long? It takes thoughtfulness & practice to achieve success with this agreement, but once done? It is so freeing.  The morning meditation and its gifts is just one more priceless!