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You Are So Beautiful

You are so beautiful my love, 

Everything you are is not tied up in what you become & the amount of your income.

You are shining my love 

Because who you have become has made your light so bright. 

You are kind, loving, giving, empathetic my love.

I am so very grateful to the Father above 

I did not listen to the lies 

There was a time – when I thought actions, money, movement, access to all the material things in this world…

Would be the path to helping you to be you & me to be the best parent I could be. 

That was society, not reality. 

Love is felt, worth is priceless, goodness, kindness, compassion, listening with time & patience. 

All of these are not in a deptartment store nor are they found on the ski slopes. 

Your beauty was found, as was mine, sitting with the people who gave living examples of unconditional love. Sitting on a bed quietly enjoying a movie & talking. Sitting with a conversation & having all those teachable moments. Knowing when you were told- you can be anything you want to be? It was said in honesty & sincerity! Please choose what makes you happy! Your happiness is what makes me happy! Then the parables were given with the testimony! See the journey is real & you are loved! 

You are so beautiful my love, no matter your challenge, or position!  (and this part is for the parents so worried about their ability to be “enough” for their kids. Please know your best – with honesty can be the best!) 

You are a Beautiful Princess – Handsome Warrior one-of-a-kind Unique Blessing to this world! 

When times get rough, you start to question your contribution? 

Please remember You Are The ONE! The moon needs the sun.

I need you! Because you are the one!  We need you! You are loved! We are all chosen! Beautifully & wonderfully made!