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What Would You Do? #HR2311

What would you do? If you still wanted to participate in your life? But this silent, unwelcome, hateful, unnamed intrusive invader kept creeping all up into your headspace, personal space, friend space, relationships of any kind or nature. Please imagine with me, if you will, a shy (mistaken as a stuck-up “too good or goody two-shoes” this invader chases shyness- to find Ms Bold! Ms Bold is now years & years old,  

What would you do? If you wanted to still participate, but the invader is forever unreliably reliable in its appearance in our lives. The answer is to find Grace & Mercy in every breath we breathe~~~while waiting for #HR2311 Please sign the Buildaquorum link requesting your Congressional Representative to Cosponsor #HR2311to succeed! Its success is our #MiracleMoment What would you do if all you could do is help or give on our social media with support? Then that is what you would you do! #GPReporting #HR2311 #4Gabe

International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
Digestive Health Alliance
Gastroparesis Fighting for Change.  Gastroparesis Fighting for Change Facebook page😊