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As I live and breathe I find mists 

But not any hope

Where did this day go? 

Nothing anyone ever taught me prepared me for a day like this. 

There were mirrors of proclivity 

Leaning over I saw the miles we traveled together branched beyond any liberties

We gained & lost never finding what we journied through 

Fire & brimstone began to rise like a Phoenix 

Ashes scattered around popping sizzling searing our minds 

Truthfully these battles must be laid down 

we are no longer on the ground

But soaring beyond the petty

Those who are not ready? 

Gather your weapons, man your stations, these warriors have just begun, 

You do not know what you have done! 

The hope, the loss, the angst, the recriminations you thought you found? 

It is in truth? The beginning of our ascent! When storms gather, all appears lost? 

Warrior-Princessses square their shoulders set their stance, brush off the dust, 

Silence should deeply concern your mind. We do not go gently into that good night. We remind ourselves hope is never lost in the mind. 

Our soul is heart-tied never bound by an earthly bind 

We are soaring now! 

Silence, fortified with strength all fragility is the Grace of Giants.