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Right Now

How do I know you? 

I see you! It is ok! I saw you sitting there, trying to be brave! 

But it is alright, I know you cannot eat tonight. 

No, No, stop pushing the ice in that glass, 

Stop trying to put that smile on your face. 

How do I know you? I am you, in pieces & parts. 

Please stop trying to pretend it is ok to not be able to eat, drink, or think like you used to back a few years ago! It is breaking  my heart. Why? You ask? It is because this isn’t a test or game that we will hit a button — then everything will restart! 

Yes I know it seems heavy & hard but it is and it is not because everyday is a gift. Little things are just that! 

I know you & you are me & I am you! We are here to say, ” I see you, I hear you, I love you, I am not judging you, all is well” 

We become the moment that finds itself looking at love, not wondering about love, but looking at love, because the battle was won! We found the place in time where trivial didn’t take a space on the intricate simplicity of unconditional love, 

I am looking at you & you are looking at me — we are seeing the beauty of knowing love won – when battles had no breath. Peace & Love are holding each other’s hands —- while grace & mercy knows positivity can make a team be invincible.