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The Philosophy #GPWarrior_Princess

Don’t you just love that feeling? Ya, know the one that sees your community thriving? A group of people lifting each other up? They are super happy when something great happens to one of them because, in truth what happens to one happens to us all? So, your happiness is my happiness! I love seeing someone else’s dreams come true! I love living vicariously through someone else! Because even though I have a chronic illness? I am not bitter nor dead! I want to us to thrive & make a difference while advocating for a change in our community. 

It is like having a beautiful party with an amazing ambience, in a little French café – in a moment where you can eat & drink! If virtual hugs & helpings could fill an empty tummy? Then my #Starving4CureGP situation has a become satiated & replete from virtual copiousness of shared support/advocacy happiness success! I have never had an interest in wine, but I would imagine, there would a perfect glass of red wine involved, in this moment. 

This is the sister/brotherhood of our community, in which the safety net knows it will not break! Because that is not an option available – nor even a choice. Are you wondering why this seems a little over the top? I assure you it is not! We speak what we believe. I am extending to you the truth of the universe as it seems to reveal itself as you move through an experience bathed in extreme crisis overcome by deep reflection. The child in us has been guided, the growth of us as warriors, has been given opportunity & when we grasp that opportunity with Grace for ourselves & others? Then we have the safety net. I am no longer the child floundering upon an ocean windswept all over the place. No, I am in a peace boat. I extend to you a bridge as a peacemaker- peacekeeper. My choices say love takes you by the hand, with boundaries for respect of your personal space & mine, then we will hold each other through this battle. We are children of God. We are #GPWarrior_Princesses

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