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From A Memory

Many years ago, there were a lot of little birds, finches, doves, bunny rabbits, chickens, puppy dogs, ferrets, just a little bit of everything! So much fun for a little girl, now grown, who used to play “Noah’s Ark” on her bed with her stuffed animals. 

Well, there were some little bunnies who had to be hand fed because their new mommy had not learned how to care for them correctly. I had a Samoyed (dog) who watched the whole process with his head on my lap at each feeding. His name was Zeus. My hubby had let Zeus out to go potty in the field in front of our house. When he came back in, Zeus dropped a baby bunny in my lap, a wild baby bunny, without a scratch on it. Then he looked at me with a look in his eyes, “there you are feed this one too!” I called hubby, “please come and look what Zeus has brought to me!” I asked him to please find the place the little bunny belonged , he looked at me, and said, ooookaay! He took Zeus outside showed him the bunny & acted like he was going to throw him into field. Zeus then went straight to the hole (the bunny home). He (hubby) then told Zeus that this bunny must stay here and must not come out of its home ever again–nor to our house. Zeus did exactly as he was told. The bunnies stayed in their home. Now,  you might be thinking this is a bit of fanciful thinking or exaggeration? It is not. It is just the way it happened. Sharing from a memory.