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Maybe Its #SaveALife

Maybe you left the table, it was to #SaveALife

Or to call a friend, not to say I can see Russia

If you had a restriction or something so wrong you couldn’t eat because digestion was improbable 

Then I was suddenly able to eat the lamb chop when it was certainly an impossible task did I find out 

I had been the beneficiary of a miracle or a misdiagnosis? What had happened since I pushed away from the table? 

Did my stomach come back to play nice with the largess of the bowels coming back into an addition to it all becoming a reincarnation? Am I pushing to see Russia from the Breakfast table or dash a hope when I say I have Faith yet swipe it away in another breath? On no mam not I

But nor am I the one, sitting upon the roof, with hands clinched sending boats, downstream in the flood while crying out to God! Becoming evermore angrier. Then awakening in God’s presence demanding answers! Facts are facts. Behaviors, are behaviors. There is a second brain in our guts. We must eliminate stress. Miracles & cures await the Faith works of the worker bees moving steadily day by day … Slow & steady wins the race — not the jack rabbit — the turtle  #HR2311