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Sunday Blessings #HR2311 #CureGP 5/1/2016#DreamingalilDream

Happy #CureGP #HR2311 #Gastroparesis #IBS #FGIMD Sunday! #KeepDreamingDancingSingingHikingPaintingDoing 

Do whatever it is that makes you smile with Joy! I spend many hours on a #VirtualAppalachianTrail where the trail meets the clouds & it feels as if God has let you sit for a bit in the clouds Where the mist feels Blessed & so are you! So this is where I mentally go — to the place where it feels as if God’s hand extends & takes you into a slice of Heaven. I do not have to worry about Bathrooms, time spent jostling all over the place, nor that blue antiemetic bag. I close my eyes begin walking looking for those trees marked with white paint, before I know it? I am there in the palm of God’s hand – Heaven on Earth just as He promises!

#HR2311 Request your Congressional Representative to Cosponsor #HR2311