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What It Takes To Travel w/ #MotilityDisorders

Thinking about a travel day with #Gastroparesis & all it entails with its companions #MotilityDisorders preparations. This is what it looks like three days prior to that travel day: Meds IV w/ port changes are they totally restocked? Extra clothes with undergarments are they restocked? Emergency EpiPen’s,breathing prescription or sleeping meds, are they restocked? Antiemetics bags- an entire extra set of clothes. (Most of this is pre-packed because we are always one-step away from an unexpected visit to an ER or hospital visit so we keep a travel bag with medical bag ready to go but it has to be restocked. Especially if you keep a light travel bag/s along with the 3 day bag ready) Then the clean out with Linzess & IV Fluids. Because if your day trip is an hour or more there is no drinking really or eating because of the pain & unreliability of your digestive tract. 

You thought baby bags were a problem? Geeesh!!!