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#MyStatusIsYourStatus –

There is a beauty to you

It is never dim 

Even in the vomit, heaving, while leaning on the toilet rim

There is life in you 

Even when it seems all is coming to an end

Your body finds a spark of protein & just like that we are back 

There is a resilience in you

This is not an ordinary 

Type of tenacity, you pick yourself up in the face of near death

No this is not dramatic effect it is documented fact

God has decided He wants ( or if you are not looking at the world in these terms — )the univese 

Has decided we are here 

Why you may ask? Do we suffer, so?  Have you found your purpose? Your niche? Your way? To empower yourself & others? Nothing happens alone not even a redwood tree it has an amazing symbiotic relationship to this world. 

#MyStatusIsYourStatus is based upon the #GoldenRule #WeAreEachOthersKeeepers #DoUntoOthersAsYouWouldHaveDoneUntoYou isn’t guidance or suggestion, it is a life map. So we do not get lost 

Lost — lose ourselves or our humanity. It is how we find solutions to the hardest of questions as well, together. 

By standing in each other’s shoes. We must tell about those shoes, describe them, then, share. 

No one ever answered a question by asking it on a deserted island without anyone nor any information. 

There would have never been a question known. 

There is a beauty in you, there is an intelligence to you, there is a team available to all of us. 

We are the difference! We just have to make it! #MyStatusIsYourStatus