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Peace Be Still (Not Ill)

 Sharing a seed! I often reference how it takes optimism, Faith, & trusting in yourself to heal, succeed, achieve, or get anywhere at anytime. I know it works. I know it works, because I saw it in action. I was gathering a few books the other day for a collage. I love books! I have said for the longest, ” They are the best, they will never change, they may provide more insight, as you change! The books though? They will never ever change? They are a constant in your universe! No matter what you go through in life, they will be there waiting. So, with this thought, in mind? Let us proceed! I was gathering my aromatherapy books & come across my parents (Dad’s) copy of a hardbound book of the 1963 work, meetings, product, & future for the American Rose Society.

It would not be many years later til my Father would hold titles/offices I The American Rose Society & be developing hybrid of roses. But it began with a seed – a thought watered, nurtured with determination.

I share this to encourage, motivate, inspire, others, to do it as well. 

I know tiny seeds of things can be nurtured in the right direction towards great things. They break barriers. 

We can break barriers! The ones saying” #ButYouDontLookSick “or “my #InvisibleIllness is hurting my life”

All by nurturing seeds like our #MotilityDisorder #HR2311 Bill H.R.2311 – Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2015

International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
w/ #SignShareRepeat & Introducing /Managing  the other seeds

Here is a phrase used by myself and many to face down the waves of #ChronicIllness #MotilityDisorder #Gastroparesis #POTS #EDS #CIPO #Crohns #Mito any #InvisibleIllnes #IncurableIllness #Spoonie we are #GPWarriors We use The #Ill to become #Still #PeaceBeStill 

Peace Becomes Still in #ChronicallyIll 

We become truly well – with the hardship

Of truth – Its friends – harmed by this disease

But enlightened by Peace BE STILL

Found above the (ill)

When still-

She made 

All Her 

Peace Be 

Still (not ill)