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When you hear phrases like #InvisibleIllnesses #ButYouDontLookSick it makes you search for a phrase which will help you understand the illness you cannot see. The best phrase which describes Motility Disorders is #InternalParaplegics – Internal Paraplegics. Why? Because we have varying degrees of paralysis of the digestive tract. The unfortunate part is we still feel the pain. But if you see a Paraplegic you never ever say to them “just unhook that ventilation- you will breathe just fine!” Or “rub some ointment on those legs and start moving them!” We have some really insensitive & quite crazy advice given to us, simply because our digestive paralysis is not “seen!” I believe the phrase Internal Paraplegic is helpful to illustrate the internal reality over 5 million people are living with in varying degrees. It is not a matter of just eating some greens & getting over it!