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Are you pretty? Like GP? 

Do look lovely, dance, sing, laugh, sip on a drink while the knives cut into you? 

But do you, like me, live. A life. Where folks do not have clue? Except for a select few? 

Do you say things to bring comfort, make peace, pray for others while knowing your own intercession was in need of an emergency session sometimes?

These things I dare to write are only meant to pull back that iridescent curtain to let advocacy have its way in these beautiful people dying from being pretty on the outside – while screaming on the inside. But you don’t look sick!? Take & make us inside out! Your eyes, could not take it, your mind, would not comprehend it, …So hear us, when we tell you – We are Starving for a Cure ! This you can be sure, if you suddenly could not eat, nor move your bowels, & pain with nausea your constant companion? Then your only appropriate response would be action.