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#GP – Gastroparesis Reflection

A moment of reflection, one year ago I was a couple of days away from emergency surgery & would spend almost three months in & out of the hospital. While we are kicking off the #TakeABite4GP Campaign? I just cannot help but reflect on the fight many of our #GPSisters & #GPBrothers are waging Day in Day out to stay alive! We have lost 13 members of our community this year! It is the reason you see the green candles repeatedly!  While I know the inner strength I have is from walking with God & prayer. I also know I am blessed with an amazing family, support system, & medical team. I do not take these things for granted. Yet, we have so far to go! So many of us, me included, avoid ER’s like the plague. I had a reaction this summer my first thought upon not being able to breathe correctly should have been ER, but our complex issues leaves us thinking we can handle everything at home. 

While I reflect on the gains our community  has made this year? I know we have “miles to go” and know we will arrive in the prescribed time. I have always felt there is an orchestra playing & if we quiet ourselves enough with trust & Faith? We will always be able to hear the cello & violins. #HeavenOnEarth 

#TakeABite4GP is a simple campaign based upon the #TakeABreathForCF

You can join us in the Group #TakeABite4GP Public a Group 

Where you can see examples of photo tags & videos to use to challenge others on social media while asking them to sign or donate to help #GastroparesisAwareness #5MillionGPStrong Sign #HR2311 #Cosponsor HR2311 or Donate IFFGD or Donate AGMD 

Thank you in advance for the honor of being your friend as your #GPSister (or new friend visitor to this post) I speak as a “we”and never dictate but try to facilitate.
In this role with you — suggestions are given about donations but follow your heart. This about Awareness for us all. Every voice makes a difference!

We must eat to live! Let’s #TakeABite4GP do a photo with the #TakeABite4GP or a very short video with the #TakeABite4GP with an empty spoon or IV supplies. Be creative as you want. 

Choose to request a donation if you wish. 

Ms Melissa Adams VanHouten has set up two Sites to help facilitate donations. We never touch the money it goes directly to IFFGD& AGMD

Again please choose whichever organization means the most to you! Even if it is not one of these. 
And or add the free request to sign #HR2311  #Cosponsor HR2311 for the #5MillionGPStrong who are malnourished & dehydrated. 

This was my #VideoTag

please do whatever you think of – I know we have some very creative people in our community

#VideoTag3 #TakeABite4GP version3