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#GP Can Be Like A Bad Country Song

#GP Can Be Like A Bad Country Song #TakeABite4GP must be like our gospel! 

It’s like a bad country song set to a R&B gospel song. The dogs have run-off with all the bacon, we can’t even stand the smell of it because this disease is heightening our sense of smell!

 The husbands have deserted the homesteads because the homestead is not what it should be due this disease. It has taken over 5+ million of us from head to toe.

 No mercy does it give, there are some saints to be found, few and far between, holding down the forts. We are together asking from north to south to east to west for all to participate in #TakeABite4GP #GP is #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder. 

Stop the ever infernal questioning of us “but you don’t look sick” they say, or (for a lot of us is a trip to a psychiatrist – where the referring Doctor is told no there is nothing mentally going on & you might want to check ____ in my case he helped find a source of what was going on at the time.)

 I hope “they can fix you” like the plumbing or the pipes are broken instead of an understanding of what an incurable illness is & the battle that is being waged to survive. While a fatigue you cannot even imagine has descended upon us. 

We do not have time for these negative, pessimistic moments, patience, yes, we must be patient! 

We must walk with the beatitudes they must be applied over and over the entire situation constantly from sun up to sun down. 

We must keep the prayer or meditation of Grace for ourselves & others constantly in our hearts, spirit, minds, & soul. 

An Amazing Grace cause even if some of us has been done did wrong like a country song and can’t cry in our “Beer” due to these “Stomachs” gone all array!? 

We must try! We must prevail! Each and every day! Because Mama said there would be days like this!

And when you reply with love-one love-like it’s not in short supply?

 Then there will be mercy, grace, & healing coming like manna from the sky-metaphorically speaking because we all know it will arrive in literal hands- spiritually delivered from work’s physically!

 HR 2311-research manifested to #CureGP to Belief trust faith-is not a suggestion but a proven fact! 

We need to all act! Even if we all do not live in/on the same Denomination Avenue? It does not matter! Truth is? In theory & fact. It is our heart with belief moving together working in acts. Even if those acts are clicking signatures for #HR2311 Cosponsor #HR2311

– $1 to IFFGD or $1AGMD 




AGMD #TakeABite4GP

Or another non-profit 

I remind you friends we are facilitators and it is an honor no dictators or Chiefs here just guides

What’s going on? Is when we cry “Mother, Mother there are too many of us dying, Crying, Then we’ve got to find a way to bring some loving here today.” 

Beside this I see as we walk “To The Garden Alone” in prayer. We move as #1Voice1Cure 

Our #TakeABite4GP Public Group is here 

#TakeABite4GP Public Group