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I want to live. How much longer? How much more Grace will I be given? I fight with every breath to win. To hold on until this incurable becomes curable. Until the Invisible Illnesses become visible. When the Doctors tell me I am running out of options (veins) for routes to nutritional/hydration support. My left set of capillaries are out of commission due to PICC placement from 1999 – 2005 – When my #Monkeybrain tries to engage? I stop it! Stress tries to deter my advocacy but like #GwenSteffani says, I #AintNoHollaBackGirl & this “minutiaeé” is #B_A_N_A_N_A_S!  Our #GPTeamAdvocacy is very involved & focused on #GPAwareness & #CureGP — if there is another illness that doesn’t use all your energy & takes everything you have to focus on advocacy- well God Bless & go forth & prosper – not our experience. No time nor energy for negativity —> wrong disease.