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I Met Myself Today

I met myself today. It went back across the sands of grains. 

These unmentionables of incurable & #ForBetterOrWorse 

I thought when we said “”For better or worse?” It meant just that! Even young I understood that! 

  When souls touch – We never truly know if “#IncurableIllness stands in the Gap for the blow #Gastroparesis a #MotilityDisorder It strips your #dignity making you feel like an #eighty year old within a young body consumed by a #BrokenBrainFog a person who remembers all sorts of numbers  in her  true life. Leaving you feeling like a mixture of early #Altziemers & a breakdown of a physical body which makes no logical sense. A person who is in their late 40’s just 50 yrs old with 83 year old bones God given this knowledge. #CureGP #TakeABite4GP #CureGP #HR22311 #Green4GP #GreenHatSociety #1Voice1Cure  

My Sister/Friend God spoke this Friendsip 6/1/2006 

Hands off on #JesusTookTheWheel

Jesus took the wheel  in Jackson Ms  on a visit with Dr Abell

God took this illness & created a friendship -Sisterhood

this was a writing among many to give comfort to those living.

A Tree Remains