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#Advocating – Tomorrow is not Promised

#Advocating  – for ourselves & our community! Tomorrow is not promised- but blessed- when we give our best 

For this is not for ourselves but to save others we will never know  even though our DNA – makes this path/journey unique? 

We are intimately acquainted with the adversary trying to torture us 

-steal our lives! Take our very dignity from us.

Advocacy– she is light, support, patience, patient, kind,never the judge of a life under attack – while in the name of advocacy. 

We are all (of a certain age) familiar with an episode of The Waltons– The “television show.” Some of us know that kind of dinner time gathering multi-generational unconditional love or versions of this in real life or may just know the virtual one or – you know the version of a very strong – very real – #SpoonieCommunity #GPCommunity #MotilityDisorderCommunity #InvisibleIllnessCommunity it is a beautiful loving amazing community which watches over each other as close as blood family do #GPBrothers & GPSisters our #GPNation GPCommunity #GP1Love #GP1L<3VE #1Voice1Cure #TakeABite4GP #CureGP 

This is your metaphor of analogy of advocacy without the food:-) We meet on a virtual mountain to inspire, encourage, motivate, encourage, educate, — while never ever gathering to “take down” anyone especially when they are in the hospital getting a feeding tube placed due to malnutrition & dehydration (and the person being bullied is barely past teenager) If ever presented with a moment to join a group under the guise of support, advocacy, collaboration, which includes a scenario of “take down” or “going  after someone” please know it may be you in 5 minutes or tomorrow-  this is NOT SUPPORT NOR ADVOCACY- I use what lil energy I have to lift up & support through true advocacy groups & positivity. I very rarely speak on this topic but I write from the heart in meditational prayer & my heart in prayer led me here. 

The name of the blog is @iamokaynow because I choose optimism, positivity, & encouragement! Negativity is like a poison well it eats at the core of a golden positive path. Sometimes things have to be acknowledged even when they have been blocked & continue to eeeeek their way back in through deception- truth can be the only inoculation. Yet, no oxygen can be given to the poison by name because it revitalizes it.

It is important that advocacy. carries wisdom in her right & left hand – empathy is always bathed upon mind & heart to keep wisdom balanced.
We are winning by being #Advocates for ourselves & our community! If our moment, which is not promised,ends with our next breath, from complications, of these #MotilityDisorders? Then the #AdvocacyTeam & our mission continues! #GPNation #5MillionGPStrong become stronger. Fight harder, become even more unified- all small differences, disputes or disagreements are put aside for the greater good! While stopping any negativity or childish #Schoolyard antics or #Bullying immediately- we are a community constantly running low on #Energy = #Spoons! So, while we agree to disagree & are very empathetic with forgiveness? We cannot be drained of the very #Energy fueling our #CureGP #TakeABite4GP #Gastroparesis is #GP is a #MotilityDisorder with a #Bill #HR1187
in the #USA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – needing Cosponsors & #TakeABite4GP is #WORLDWIDE TO raise awareness if we lead & raise our voices to get to #CureGP it will mean in the #USA & #Worldwide just as #Gastroparesis has no walls or borders nor would the #CureGP — we are all in this together! 
#TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin #5MillionGPStrong 

#1Voice1Cure #StandTogether4GP #Unite4GP

Goodnight Steven, Goodnight, Stacy, Raven, Melissa, Carolyn, April, Trisha, Jamie, Jessica, Jeffery, Wayne, Scott, Mary, Megan, Crystal, Stephen, Daniel, Rachel, Ben, Tuck, Olli, Dottie, Lilly, Robert, Frances, Becky, Melanie,  all who are not named specifically you are here too!