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GP Community 

You are so beautiful!How do I count the ways? Your eyes? Your voice? Your laugh? Your amazing fortitude in the face of an incurable disease with its buddies! But because we have a team & moral certitude- Beyond a reasonable doubt! We will never give up on each other nor deny unconditional love to our community alongside common sense behavior! They are walking hand in hand! I pray you feel these prayers, positive thoughts sent on angel wings! I am sure there are moments when our 10,000 breathes together at certain moments – jumping across this planet – no matter the language – without judgement! When reading a post, to send massive amounts of love, prayers, empathy, comfort, & support! We know these steps dear #GPSisters & #GPBrothers – we know how these diseases can can make you want to scream /alternated with just let get myself together & look as normal as I can… And I dare someone to speak illness to me today! Today on one of my worst day’s — I wish to be among “The normal who do have to weigh everything that crosses their lips!” I know & we all know who are in these groups whereof you speak! And we give you love, support, and empathy! And if this is a day you do a #GPCamo day? Then “Hallelujah!” If this is a day you need to restore in your pj’s with “IV fluids?” Then still we “Hallelujah!” We celebrate you! #GPSister #GPBrother because if you are doing your “now” giving your best?! Then Grace for yourself & others is achieved! We celebrate each other for being our truth! 💚😊💚🙌🏼 #DNA 
Let’s #TakeABite4GP 

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