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I See You #GPVillage

When I greet you with;I see you! Aka in response to How are you?

 Then perhaps the conclusion will finally be inclusion? 

As to say; I can see myself standing 

in your shoes and I can no longer hold indifference or injustice in my heart! 

Nor can I pretend the random selection of DNA its sperm & eggs was a predisposition for acting as if we have superiority or lack of self esteem! 

It is neither! Your options were not yours, nor your ancestors… What has always been a choice? 

To say I see you- as myself. 

Put down all the idioms of this miscreant nature of taught discrimination, bigotry, narcissistic machismo, racial, self grandiose egos believing one or the other is high or low. 

While in truth we are all capable of being kind, loving, caring, understanding, empathetic! 

It is our choice molded by parents, & nurtured in our social constructs! 

We are more than trained – it is looked at as nature Vs nurture 

Who are you? 

When we are fighting for our very life during Gastroparesis-Motility Disorder Motility Disorder Month & seeing an amazing accomplishment of being placed on the National Health Observance Calendar — 

Then we hear of the loss of 3 #GPCommunity #GPFamily Members on the same day! 

We begin to see the candles go up in Memoriam to the precious live lost in this life-threatening group of illnesses. 


We beg, plead, ask, day in & day out to push for Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness! 

Just a day or so before one of our dear #GPSisters had just posted for the current #TakeABite4GP #Campaign_Challenge It is this #NEGU sweet kind giving – do all you can while you can – spirit- that encapsulates the heart of the #GPCommunity! 

So, my fellow #GPWarriors & all the family, friends, of our Dear #GPWarriors who now RIP I send condolences, love, strength, comfort, prayers, these are very hard times. We send love & keep prayers with lifting love in remembrance through this period of time. Our candles are lit in Memoriam & solidarity!