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#GP #Gastroparesis A #MotilityDisorder #FGIMD 

#GP #Gastroparesis A #MotilityDisorder #FGIMD
Tell me, what do you do? When the only thing you can do? Is the very thing which may create a set of dominos (health situations ) which thereby may very well kill you in its most severe case! It is, in its very utterance an oxymoron. At every moment, in our life, we are told, to just sip some soup, eat a little of this, drink a little of that,, add more fiber, eat more grains, choose this type of diet or that, go the holistic route, or use the low fodmap diet, every solution calls for an answer – which assumes your digestive tract works to a level which therein will move any of the items through to their conclusion. Yes, I mean all the way through! If unable expel the wastes from our body? Then we are still being defeated further on up the digestive tract. 

Are you beginning to understand the dilemma we face when we tell you about Functional Gastrointestinal and Motility Disorders? 

While #FGIMD’s can encompass a number of digestive- motility issues which may benefit from diet changes? It must be understood there are many who stand outside the circle of “diet” responsive — they desperately need breakthroughs which could be found from the passage of #HR2311 to request your representatives to #Cosponsor our Bill. 


Banana Pineapple Smoothie – Vitamixer 

Shaved Ice – ice 

Fruit Juice All pulp removed suggestion–> (pineapple) use pineapple if can 3 oz. 

1/4 avocado (healthy fat) or 1/2 banana 

1/3 cup of Greek yogurt or 1/3 cup coconut milk 

W/TBLS of coconut oil (healthy fat)

2 tsps cappuccino powder

1 TBLS flaxseed ground

1 scoop protein powder

1/4 tsp cardamom