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Its 5:00 

It’s between 3 and 5 pm cst and while I run my meds in this time frame it is also when I speak to Mom. 

Now I pray all the time but more so during these times. When she worked at DHS it was our 12 o’clock phone call because what has been true  (except for a brief interval – i keep things real) we speak daily. We have had marathon conversations. I hold my Mom & Dad in great honor. Dad has been our Gaurdian Angel since 1977. Mom has never quite seen the beauty of herself because Dad was such a looming presence, but She in her beautifully brilliant self has done Girl Scours, Sunday School, March of Dimes, Judged at Rose shows, Junior Auxilary, and graded the college pares from the college my Dad taught at. As well as, proofing Dad’s papers yes both my parents are genius’s. So, as I write this it is with thought, prayer, and to say my Mother has always been a participant- a fighter! Fight, Mom, Fight because you are a true warrior. 

With Love Mom – who is well know for her privacy! We will discuss this later ok? Love & ptayers Deb💛💜

PS Mom loves yellow roses. Yellow being her favorite color.