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May I

May I look upon you and know more yet see less

May I stand with you & feel you without seeing you

May I only need your physical description if there is a manhunt for you

If and only then? Still it will not crush my empathy nor forgiveness of our mutual 

Human condition 

May you know the joy of relationships without precursors, qualifiers or descriptors 

Lord knows this illusion of right side wrong side or these or those? Are just as infallible as the illusion we have over Incurable Illness – Invisible Illnesses. Otherwise St Jude’s Hospital would not need to exist if we had this “control” 

May we see #5MillionGPStrong #GPWarriors because until you see the breadth & width 

Of this dignity who has fought every step of the way in a myriad of labyrinth of the medical system which – is getting better- but still has miles to go about these disorders which causes varying degrees of digestive paralysis. 

May you understand the full ramifications of the #GPWarrior starving daily in intense hunger, pain, nausea, vomiting, weakness, weight loss, weight gain, constipation, diarrhea, bacterial overgrowth & then the accompanying auto immune diseases which seem to be part of the package with Motlity Disorders like Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis branches off in two directions Diabetic Gastroparesis & Idiopathic Gastroparesis. The idiopathic for some, like myself appears to be linked with mitochondrial disease with a genetic component. 

A #GPWarrior will smile when dining out to enjoy the company of those they love,while sitting in front of the source of their 24/7 instrument of torture. A lot of #GPWarriors sense of smell becomes heightened & smells trigger higher degrees of their 24/7 nausea. But they will endure because it so very important to enjoy their families. 

I have just touched the edge of the #GPWarrior’s Everest they wrestle with day in day out. No, I am not being dramatic! If you had 3 or more diagnosed motility disorders & the disease was slowly progressing? On top of this you know research & a concentrated focus on these disorders could save lives? Wouldn’t you tell your story!? 

May I suggest,yes you would, and your view after many years of the journey would change your eyesight. The most important parts we need to know? Cannot be defined by our eyes. They are intangible. 

May I suggest with God’s Love- or if this is not your lens – Love of Humanity – our Village means – We are all in this life together not apart. I extend to you what I wish to be extended to me. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.