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What a miracle looks like, 

Is it the Red Sea? Or something you can see? I would propose it is something in front of you and me. 

There is a sweet book called  When God Winks  by  Squire Rushnell. God winks are affirmation Miracles in my view. 

Do you see? When you are told no way no how can a port go in your chest for the 6th time & prayers with a wise skilled Dr -GOD Wink – Miracle it does? Prayers praying #Faith #Love #Trust_Believe 

When you are given a report of say goodbye it is baddddd we continue to pray – please continue to pray #Healing #Faith 

#GodWinks #Miracles #See it is a #Miracle when you sit & see not a Red Sea but what is in front of you & me. 

When walking in the midst of chronic illness it can become easy to take the low road vs the high road 

I implore you to take the high road. The view alters the vision of the walk & in it? You see the multitude of blessings despite  the design.