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Did You Know?

If you #TakeABite with a tummy or Digestive Tract which is “normal” ? It goes #swimmingly well! (Minus the occasional virus or upset tummy – but imagine having the flu {without a high fever or a few of the other symptoms} or food poisoning  – then it just takes up residence inside your body)  #JustKeepSwimming as Laureen says! My #GPSister says! Or  #DontQuitBeforeYourMiracle another sweet #GPSister Carolyn said! And my #GodFriend_GPSister April says: #TogetherWeFightTogetherWeWin there are so many bright, beautiful wonderfully made stars in our #GPNation filled with love, compassion, wisdom, charity, & empathy. We began with these shoes and the journey made them larger. I am speaking metaphorically here of course — no shoe requests at this time. I have clothes from 0 – 8 -10 in my closet. #GP is sheer insanity and our healthcare at the moment is failing us. 

Without #GP -or an  illness of another type, be it Motility or another? food just slides right down your throat, (you never gag or start throwing up because your – let’s just call it – “your swallower” esophagus won’t cooperate with you. )  Without #GP the liquids you are consuming, because you are hanging in there as a”fortunate one” – those liquids you sip, sip, sip ever so slowly, because they can become a problem. Imagine if you will, a sink backing up and you are still putting things down it. But the sink cannot feel nausea, vomiting, fatigue nor pain from this process. 

Did you know there are  over #5MillionGPStrong whom go through varying degrees of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, pain, (some do some don’t ) constipation, diarrhea a cascading variety of neuropathy & autoimmune disorders accompanying your (for some) layered motility disorders. 

Your vagus nerve has not gone awry, you do not feel intense nausea-  not a little queasy tummy.. 😤 we need a green emoji – but bile, bubbles of frothy acidic rotting food —everything in your stomach sits from your large & small intestine are rising, tummy is revolting as if it is announcing #GPsays: all foreign objects you tried to fawn off upon me? You will pay! When It begins its behomoth style montezuma’s revenge with pain for anything you dared to put pass your lips! Yes give us the patience of Job 40:15:24 {I would read all of 40 if you were so inclined}to conquer all obstacles between our #Advocacy #CureGP #HR2311  #HR2311 request link for your representative/s to Cosponsor our/their #MotilityDisorder Bill  

#GP says: How dare you try to #FakeItTilYouMakeIt 

#GPNation Says : Really? like really?!!!! I wish I could record a response – there is no earhly way to convey my deep scorn, , frustration at this disease at times,,, I shall return to peace & patience because it is the key to my  survival, healing state, being in my sanctuary vs a prison. As well as being a cog of service! The ever so high honor of service to others to help our family both blood & #Village 💚❤️💜- social media & its million/billion year recorder allows prayer & meditation to motivate itself in the most unique of ways at times as I pray, clear to hear. Peace is the objective all Blessings begin to flow from here in to a healing zone. #TheGreatestOfTheseIsLove is the announcement and I am not saying anything  different. The #PeaceBeStill #PeaceThatPassethAllUnderstanding  is the wave I ride in #Peace not fight. 

 #GP says: No you won’t live your life! Because I will disrupt it so much with my unpredictable non-stop symptomatic array of issues to put the fear of being too far from a bathroom or a cold ice pack (migraines) & a heating pad! Then I will keep your outer shell relatively intact! I will hide from Dr’s & make everyone question the validity of your truth! 

#GPNation comes together to say: #GP You are a liar! We will defeat you & your kind! We are #GPSuperMen_Women_Warriors of all ages, sizes, colors, countries, but we speak #GP no matter the language barrier? 

We speak #MotlltyDisorders

 We rally  to say #CureGP #TakeABite4GP please take your bites  We happy dance in joy while you do!!! 

#GPAdvocates say: We keep pushing  #HR2311 Request your Representative to #Cospon #DidYouKnow it has components in it to help all by creating centers of excellence & more research. Even though the research & centers of excellence will be in #USA we all know improvements, progress or Please Lord #CureGP would be utilized #Worldwide #No #Boundaries <3