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Not Every But I 

Not every little girl has parents who as members of the AmericanRose society breed cocker spaniels. Nor do they start optimist club’s, begin Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts in every town you move to. Nor did they become a part of a church family and depending on if it was mom’s turn or dad’s turn we became a part of the Baptist church or the church of Christ (I correct that! it was the Christian church!– there is a difference.) Not every little girl who loses their cocker spaniel on October 31 and on that October 31 someone purposely ran over her a little dog. In response there was someone who breeded cocker spaniels and they were found. Whomever it was, who owned the group of puppies, were brought out and I chose my new puppy. I named this blonde beautiful little cocker spaniel Fluffy. Then when she arrived with us I pleadingly looked at my parents and asked could she please please please please stay the night inside with me – my dad turned to my mother and asked her if I could for the first night and she looked at my father and

& agreed to one night.

one night and a lil puppy led to AKC Puppy kennels & dog shows. Then we would learn so many other things along our adventures we just assumed were normal–>  like having a couple of elders from the Morman church at Thanksgiving- we were no more going to change Mormon than the Pope was to going that day — but Mom & Dad wasn’t going to have  anybody lonely at Thanksgiving. Not everyone but I have so many stories….